GALLERY: Datsun Go Plus

Latest Update: Datsun has launched the 2018 GO+ facelift with prices starting from Rs 3.83 lakh (lower than before) going till Rs 5.69 lakh.  It is now available in five variants - D, A, A(O), T and T(O). Read in detail here .


The Datsun Go+ is an MPV version and the twin model of the Datsun Go. In Indonesia, Datsun Go+ Panca is marketed since May 2014 along with Datsun Go Panca hatchback. As of 2015, it is available in 4 trims : Basic D (Rp 85. 250. 000), A (Rp 92. 800. 000), T Option (Rp 100. 300. 000), and T Style (introduced in August 2014, Rp 104. 000. 000). Datsun Go A and Datsun Go T Option is equipped with Electric power steering, 155/70 R13 steel wheel with cover, Central door lock, Keyless alarm, Immobilizer, Power window (front only), and JVC single-din head unit with FM radio and USB. Datsun Go T Style came with all equipment T Option has, plus rear power windows and body kits with silver ornament. The Go+ uses the same platform with the Go. The Go+ also uses the same engine with the Go. The Go+ uses the 5+2 seat arrangement. The length of the Go+ is 3,995 mm (157. 3 in) and its width is 1,635 mm (64. 4 in). Its height is 1,485 mm (58. 5 in) and its wheelbase is 2,450 mm (96. 5 in). On August 6, 2014, Datsun Go T Style (higher than T Option, starting from Rp 102. 000. 000) and Datsun Go T Active (top of the line, starting from Rp 106. 000. 000) was introduced.

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