GALLERY: Toyota Prius C


Unlike earlier Prius HSDs, the Prius c incorporates separate planetary gear reduction paths for the ICE/MG1 (internal combustion engine/motor-generator one, this path familiarly referred to as the "power split device", with the MG1 doing double duty as the ICE starter and a battery charging alternator; HV to charge the HV battery, HV through a dc–dc converter to charge the LV battery), and the MG2 (motor-generator two, this path newly referred to as the "motor speed reduction device", with the MG2 doing double duty as the traction (propulsion) motor and the HV battery regenerative charging alternator), thereby allowing higher electric-only performance (this is limited mainly by the MG1-to-final-drive ratio, and, of course, the capacity of the MG1), and higher hybrid performance (this is limited mainly by the MG2-to-final-drive ratio, and, of course, the capacity of the MG2), with the gear ratios, hence the rotational speeds of the MG1 and MG2, now better matched to their respective mission functions, in a significantly smaller, lighter weight package. The chain drive found in the Gen 1 and Gen 2 HSDs is also eliminated, replaced by helical gears in the Gen 3 HSD. The MG2 ratio is 2. 5:1 rather than 1:1 as on earlier HSDs, thereby allowing the physical size of the MG2 to be reduced to the cross-section of the MG1. The Prius v and Prius Plug-in share this basic Gen 3 design (P410 transaxle, for both of these), but not its specific implementation, and which is unique to the Prius c and its lower maximum weight, and lower HSD net horsepower (P510 transaxle, for Prius c, North America; Prius Aqua, Japan; and Yaris Hybrid, Europe).

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